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Horner APG Introduces New
SmartRail Modular I/O Products

The SmartRail I/O System is Horner’s newest I/O offering.  SmartRail is compact – but highly expandable and scalable.  Start with an Ethernet Base with a built-in two port switch.  Continue by adding I/O modules of your choice that easily snap together.  Each base can hold up to 8 I/O modules, for a total of up to 256 digital and 32 analog points.  Now just daisy-chain as many additional bases that are needed to complete the application – up to a total of 2048 digital and 512 analog I/O.
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April 26, 2010 - Cscape™ Version 9.10 and Firmware 12.70 Released.

The latest version of Cscape™ programming software, Version 9.10 and Firmware 12.70 is now available for download. Click here for more...


Cscape™ EnvisionRV 3.0 and EnvisionFX Software for Operator Control Stations

Horner APG is pleased to announce its new Cscape™ Envision RV software products for Operator Control Stations.  Now, you can monitor OCS controllers remotely and extract data from OCS memory cards using application software specifically designed by Horner for OCS.

If you already know how to use Cscape™ programming software, using Envision software will take little training and time to implement. Click for more...


SmartMon Energy Products

SmartMon Energy is a suite of Power and Energy Monitoring Products that let you control, monitor, understand and reduce your industrial energy costs. The SmartMon Family of Monitoring products are an elegant combination of hardware and embedded software applications packaged in an easy to install solution.  No programming is required. No networking is required. No IT resources are needed. 

In fact, you can hook up a standalone SmartMon Energy product to a machine, circuit or building and instantly be monitoring your energy consumption. SmartMon products show you exactly where your costs are so you can proactively reduce your energy consumption costs.

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